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As part of the global research in the field of health and epidemiology, Mitra has conducted a number of major world-class studies, such as:

• Three rounds of the Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiologic Study (PURE) since 2007
• The Korail Slum Study under the Global Research Unit on Improving Health in Slums, NIHR-2019-2022
• Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys (MICS) in 2098, 2096, and 2006
• The WHO World Health Survey in 2002
• Community-Based Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) to Prevent Neonatal and Infant Mortality from 2001 to 2007

Additionally, our researchers have conducted various other studies in the field.
Mitra has conducted a number of significant survey research projects, including all eight rounds of the Bangladesh Demographic Health Surveys (BDHS) since 1993, and two rounds of the Bangladesh Maternal Mortality Surveys since 2016, as a primary program monitoring tool for the Health, Population, and Nutrition Sector Program (HPNSP) in Bangladesh.
National Survey of Bangladesh Citizens for Promoting Democratic Institutions and Practices (PRODIP) Program-2011; Survey of Citizen’s Experience of the Legal System in Bangladesh (2009); Qualitative Survey on Primary School (Meena Project, 2010); Baseline Research Study of Family Planning Motivation Campaign (1983); Survey of VDP (Village Defense Party) Personnel (1994) etc. are researches of perennial importance
The major research projects include Impact Evaluation Surveys under the Reaching Out-of-School Children (ROSC) Project phase II in Bangladesh 2015-2016; Bangladesh Social Sector (secondary and primary education) Performance Surveys (SSPS)-2004; School Feeding Program Survey in Char and in Coastal Area in 2011; School Census EMIS Data Validation Survey in Primary Schools-2009; School Choice Survey in Bangladesh (2008); and School Data Collection of Two Districts—Dinajpur and Bogra (1998).
For incisive insights into contemporary markets, our Retail Audit and Consumer Intercept Pilot Study (1986), Opinion Study of SMP Retailers (1985), Voluntary Sterilization (VS) Audit (1983) have borne fruit.
The major survey research projects are including Impact Survey for Char Development and Settlement Project (CDSP) I, II and III; and Results and Impact Management System (RIMS) Baselines Survey for CDSP IV both done in 2009; Baseline Survey for the Chars Livelihood Program (CLP, 2005); Poultry Model Monitoring System Survey (PMMS)-2000-2002; Agriculture Extension Services Study-2000; and Baseline Survey of Proshika Members (1988).
Our breakthrough research in the field of communication has proven highly impactful Evaluation of NSDP Communication Campaign-2005-2006 Study; DFID Communication Study 2002-2003; Jiggasa Follow-up Survey-1996; National Media Study-1995; and Trishal Community Follow-up Survey-1992 are just some examples of the wide-ranging studies conducted.
We have conducted surveys on WFP Country Program Baseline Survey in 2012; SHOUHARDO II Baseline Survey both Qualitative and Quantitative-2010; Household Socio-Economic Survey for the Garment Workers (2009); World Food Programme Bangladesh Country Program Outcome Study in 2014; Matlab Health and Socio-economic Survey (MHSS)- 2012-2015 to name a few in the field of socio-economics. Striving for excellence has ensured our research is always robust and comprehensive.
Knowing about the availability of clean and safe water is crucial for a country like Bangladesh. With this in mind, we have conducted research on various aspects of the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector in Bangladesh, such as:

• The Value for Money (VFM) & Sustainability in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Programmed Survey in Bangladesh in 2014
• The Baseline Survey of the NGO and Civil Society Networking Project in 2006
• A Study on Cost and Performance Efficiency of Sanitation Approaches in Bangladesh in 2006
• The Bangladesh National Arsenic, Social and Behavior Issues Survey in 2000
• The National Survey on Status of Water Supply and Sanitation in 1992.
Studying about the most vulnerable groups of society, women and children, and their present condition is important for the national health of a country. That’s why we at Mitra and Associates have conducted studies such as Baseline Survey on Newborn Vitamin A Supplementation (NBVAS)-2010; Child Risk Measure Survey (CRMS)-2009; Baseline Survey and Mapping on Working Children, Dhaka Zone 8 (Ward 7 & 8) Mirpur, Dhaka City Corporation-2004; and Baseline Survey and Mapping for City Palli Slum Project-2003-2004.
Mitra and Associates has conducted a variety of studies in the field of nutrition, such as:

• The Data Collection on Nutrition Status and Food Consumption Behavior of the Population of Rangpur and Dinajpur in 2021
• The Data Collection for the National Nutrition Project (NNP) Baseline Household Survey in 2004
• The Evaluation of the Newly Married Couple Strategy Survey in 1997
• The Baseline Survey for the Bangladesh Integrated Nutrition Project (BINP) in 1996
• The NBPP Household Surveys for Worldview International Foundation (WIF) in 1992
• The Evaluation Survey of the Nutrition Education and Mass Communication (NEMC) Project of Helen Keller International in 1991
• And other similar studies.
Our research on evaluation has been well-regarded by policy makers. Studies such as:

• The Evaluation of the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) program of the Child Sensitive Social Protection project in Bangladesh (CSPB) from 2021 to 2022
• The Joint UNICE-GoB Health Program Evaluation in Bangladesh in 2019
• The BGD Youth Power Action Integrated Workforce Development and Sexual and Reproductive Health in 2018
• The Baseline Survey of the Community Development Project (CDP) of the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) in 1990
And many other similar studies have had a significant impact in their respective areas.
Given the importance of food security for a country like Bangladesh, Mitra and Associates has conducted a number of studies in this area, such as:

• The Food for Peace (FFP) Baseline Survey in 2016
• The Monitoring Survey of WFP Food Assistance Program in 2001
• The Integrated Food for Work (IFFW) Labor Profile/Pay Rate Survey in 1991
• The Impact study of Feeding and Rehabilitation of Vulnerable Groups (Beneficiary Survey) in 1987 These are just a few examples of the many surveys conducted by us on the topic of food security.
As the significance of climate change and its effects on the environment have become increasingly recognized, Mitra and Associates have conducted a number of major breakthrough researches in this area, such as:

• Two rounds of the Bangladesh Environment and Migration Survey since 2018
• The End-line National Resilience Programme (NRP) Survey in 2022
• The Urban Climate Change Resilience Survey in 2015 These studies were focused on understanding the environmental issues and its impact on people.

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