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Writing Report on Early Childhood Development Advocacy Materials (ECD, 2003)

As part of an early childhood development (ECD) advocacy package, the ECD Project with support from Unicef developed four types of advocacy materials to disseminate knowledge and information about the importance of early childhood development and, thereby, to create awareness as to the importance and benefits of early childhood care. The materials included a poster, a folder, a brochure, and a leaflet. The messages they contained were about how cares should be provided to a child, about importance of care during early childhood, benefits of early childhood care, role of family in childhood care, stages of child development, and about when to start providing care to a child


A pre-testing of the advocacy materials for the ECD project was conducted to assess people’s opinion about the quality of the materials and to gather their suggestions for improving the materials.


To obtain people’s opinion, 4 structured questionnaires, one for each of the four materials, were demonstrated in the pre-test and a total of 608 respondents were interviewed.


The survey was sponsored by Unicef, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


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