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Validation Study in the BPHC Funded NGOs (1997)

The major objectives of the survey were to


  • validate recording of data on contraception, live-birth and still-birth, pregnancy histories, immunization of children, ante-natal care during pregnancy, post-natal care within 42 days of delivery, and institutional delivery, 
  • examine the correctness of the compiled information, 
  • examine the correctness of monthly reports, 
  • identify the strengths and weaknesses of recording, compiling, and reporting systems, 
  • estimate the contraceptive use rates by clinical and non-clinical methods, 
  • estimate ANC, intra-partum, and PNC coverage, and 
  • estimate EPI coverage for children aged between 12 and 23 months as well as for women aged 15-49 years.


The study was undertaken under a contract with Bangladesh Population and Health Consortium (BPHC).


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