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Urban Climate Change Resilience Survey (2015)

Project Description: The objectives of the 2015 Urban Climate Change Resilience Survey were to understand how people respond to climate change events, such as: floods; water-logging; drainage congestion; and high temperatures. The other area of interest was to look upon how land tenure impacts the ability of people to respond to climate change. The location of this survey was at Duaripara slum of Mirpur, Dhaka. The survey was carried out from October 2015 to November 2015.  


Methodology (Sampling): The number of households in Duaripara slum is about 14,000. Random sampling techniques was applied to interview 500 households among these households (though with gender as a subset i.e. approximately 50% male and 50% female respondents) and Mitra used the similar method of WHO to ensure that all areas in the slum are covered. The entire study location was segmented into 34 sub-clusters and from each segments/sub-clusters 15 households were interviewed. 


Key tasks for Mitra and Associates to complete: 


  • Translation and formatting of questionnaire and verbal consent form;
  • Pre-testing: Mitra pre-tested the questionnaires in a slum are of Dhaka city (other than Duaripara slum); Based on the pre-testing results the questionnaire was finalized;
  • Demarcation of 34 sub-clusters on a sketch map in Duaripara slum for carrying out the survey;
  • Facilitating 5 day long comprehensive training to the 2 interviewing teams;
  • Carrying out 15 household surveys in each segments, thus a total of 510 household surveys;
  • Re-interview of 10% completed surveys by QCO;
  • Data entry, cleaning and in-putting the data to SPSS and STATA.


The project was awarded and funded by the University of Manchester, UK represented by Dr Joanne Jordan, as the Principle Investigator (PI), Lecturer in Climate Change and Development Institute for Development Policy and Management (IDPM), School of Environment, Education and Development, Arthur Lewis Building, 1.004 Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL, Tel: 01612750426 and Email:


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