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Tracer Study for the Strengthening Rural Broadcast (SRB) Project (2001-2002)

The tracer study was designed to evaluate (a) uptake of agricultural knowledge as a result of the farm broadcast programs aired by the Farm Broadcast Unit (FBU) of Bangladesh Betar and (b) trends in listenership of the FBU programs. The first phase was a baseline survey that measured baseline awareness levels of a set of tracer messages and a set of control messages chosen for broadcast in the farm programs between the first and the second phase. The second phase was a follow-up survey done in order to measure changes in the knowledge of those messages among the respondents between the two phases to ascertain the impact of FBU programs. Data for the survey were collected by interviewing a total of 3,084 male and female respondents from a nationally representative rural sample of 3,402 households.


The study was commissioned by the Directorate of Farm Broadcast, Bangladesh Betar, and financed by the DFID, Bangladesh.


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