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Survey of Psycho-Social Impact of Non-Formal Education on Working Children (2002)

Two groups of working children were examined for their views about their education, and their feelings about their work, well-being and future. While one group will comprise the working children who have received non-formal education, the other will be made up of working children who have not received non-formal education or any other form of education. Both the groups will be drawn from the same socio-economic background and environment, so that the findings are comparable for revealing the impact of non-formal education upon working children.


The actual services provided include:


  • Development and finalization of questionnaires.
  • Review the present curriculum, learning materials, and teaching-learning methods of BEHTRUC.
  • Recruitment and training of field personnel.
  • Selection of sample sites and conducting interview/FGD. 
  • Data processing
  • Data analyzing and report writing


The survey was sponsored by Unicef, Dhaka, Bangladesh


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