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Study on Willingness to Pay for Arsenic-free Water Supply in Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh (2003)

The main purpose of this study was to assess the following for Chapainawabganj Town and the surrounding arsenic-affected villages:


  • demand for arsenic-free water (good quality/potable water)
  • total water demand, current and projected for a 20-year period (domestic, commercial and industrial)
  • preferences regarding shared vs individual water connections and
  • affordable contributions towards the preferred option of water supply


The specific activities undertaken under the contract included:


  • preparation of the sample methodology
  • translation and pre-testing of the questionnaire
  • recruitment and training of field personnel
  • conducting the fieldwork for data collection
  • computerization of data and 
  • submission of the data set


The survey collected data from a sample of 2,500 respondents. About 2,000 consumers (households, institutions, industry/commercial users) were interviewed in Chapainawabganj Town and 500 households in the arsenic-affected villages surrounding the town.



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