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Study on VGD Selection Process Models: Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and the World Food Programme (2007)

The specific objectives of the study were including; (i) to verify the effectiveness of the two models (increased stakeholder participation model and the lottery model) to minimise selection errors and make comparison between the models; (ii) to document the advantages, limitations, lessons learnt, scope for participation by the community, level of their satisfaction, and general acceptance of the models; (iii) to assess the appropriateness or suitability of the models for implementation by the committees concerned; (iv) to identify from the study findings the more appropriate model for a seamless VGD beneficiary selection; (v) to explore the best possible arrangements at local level for implementing the model; (vi) to identify critical factors or issues for further refinement of the model before mainstreaming; and (vii) to make recommendation to the programme management for future replication of the model in VGD.


The study was awarded by the World Food Programme [WFP], Bangladesh


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