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Study on the Inspiring Married Adolescent Girls to Imagine New Empowered Futures (IMAGINE) project

Narrative Description of Project:   CARE is leading implementation of the IMAGINE project. Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, this project is primarily a learning initiative that aims to test a holistic intervention package’s impact on the timing of first birth among married adolescent girls (15-19) in the project area. The IMAGINE project aims to reach married adolescent girls in Bangladesh with the goal of delaying their first birth through use of voluntary modern contraceptive methods and access to alternative opportunities. After extensive formative research and design phases, CARE has developed a holistic package of intervention components that together we believe will support girls to harness their power and change their lives.


As part of the project, CARE will execute a quasi-experimental, longitudinal evaluation. The results of this evaluation will inform CARE’s understanding of the success of this model in achieving desired impact and will be shared with local, regional, and international stakeholders to inform adolescent sexual reproductive health related policy and practice. 


Description of Actual Services Provided by Mitra:  Reviewing and finalizing of the study design and sampling procedure; selection of sample; translation, formatting and contextualize of questionnaires; processing and getting of IRB approval; pre-testing and Finalization of Questionnaires; preparation of manuals/forms; recruitment and training of field personnel for the household listing/mapping and interviewing (main survey); conducting fieldwork for the household listing and interviewing; quality control checking and monitoring of data collection; data entry, processing, cleaning and submission of cleaned data sets to the client.


Name of Client:  CARE USA, 151 Ellis Street NE, Atlanta, Georgia  30303-2440


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