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School Census EMIS Data Validation Survey in Primary Schools (2009)


School census data were reported by the head teachers and collected through the field level officers and staff of DPE. The source of information is generally the school documents and registers. The purpose of the survey was to collect information from a nationally representative random sample of schools to assess the quality of the school census data set so that it can be used as a reliable basis for appropriate policy decisions to be formulated. The main purposes of the survey were:


  • assessment of  the quality of the school census data;
  • assessment of the evaluation of the 2009 Census data; and
  • collection of data similar to that of 2009 Census, using the similar procedures, from a nationally representative sample of schools


According to the approved design, the School Census EMIS Data Validation Survey was carried out by using a sample of 630 schools.  The sample was drawn by using a stratified sampling method. As there were four types of schools (namely, GPS, RNGPS, Community school and PTI school) spread across six divisions, the sample was drawn in 24 strata, treating a specific type of schools from a division as a stratum. Thus, by division the sample was comprised of 174 schools chosen from Rajshahi, 155 from Dhaka, 110 from Chittagong, 81 from Khulna,   62 from Barisal   and    48 from Sylhet, while by type it was comprised of 371 GPSs,  196 RNGPSs, 33 Community schools and 30 PTI schools.


Mitra has carried out the following activities: designing the survey methodology; developing sample frame and drawing of samples; developing, testing and finalizing of instruments; preparation of survey questionnaires; school listing; data collection; ensuring quality of data; analyzing, and report writing.

The study was sponsored and financed by UNICEF,Dhaka, Bangladesh.


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