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Result and Impact Management System Final Round Survey (RIMS), under CBRMP (Sunamgonj Project 2013-2014)

Community Resource Management Project (CBRMP) of LGED with financial assistance of IFAD launched its programme in January 2003 at Sunamganj with an aim to reduce poverty of the poor having land below 2.5 acre. The project followed an integrated approach consisting of five components: Infrastructure Development, Fisheries Development, Promoting Agriculture and Live Stock Production, Group Based Micro Finance and Institutional support. 


Brief description of CBRMP: It was decided that the overall impact of the project be assessed by a set Results and Impact Management System (RIMS) developed by IFAD. The project was selected to be monitored its performance under Results and Impact Management System (RIMS) developed by IFAD with the aim to facilitate reporting on the achievement of Results and Impacts of the project. The system called to report on three levels of result:


  • Output level (result1-more or less physical progress)
  • Outcome level (result 2-functionality and sustainability)
  • Impact level

At impact level (result 3) two indicators are mandatory. These were:

  • Prevalence of child malnutrition
  • Asset ownership index


Tasks carried out by Mitra and Associates:


Methodology (sample design & tools): A standard methodology developed by IFAD followed to conduct the survey. The survey was conducted in 45 clusters among 900 households and in each cluster 20 households had been interviewed. The sample frame generated by visiting partner NGOs of the CBRMP project.


Questionnaire: Questionnaires followed as furnished by IFAD with some adjustment made by Mitra along with all Bengali translation of questionnaires, development of Interviewers’, supervisors’ and editors’ manuals.


Data collection and quality control: 20 days had spent to collect the data. Quality control checking designed to physically verify whether the interviewer had completed the questionnaires by interviewing the right respondents in the right households by asking the right questions. Quality control checking was undertaken in both presence and absence of the interviewing team at field.


Data processing: Data entered with double entries. Data editing included checking of range, structure and a selected set of checks for internal consistency.


Client Reference: CBRMP, Local Government Engineering Department (LGED), LGED Bhaban (Level-11), Agargaon, Sher-e-bangla Nagar, Dhaka -1207, Telephone: 8151387, 8181488, Facsimile number:  8802815558


Contact Person: Sk. Md. Mohsin, Project Director, CBRMP-LGED, Tele phone: 88028155581, Facsimile number: 88028155581, E-mail:



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