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Quantitative Performance Evaluation Population Based Sample Survey of CARE SHOUHARDO II Program, 2014

Project Description: SHOUHARDO II is one of the largest non-emergency food security programs in the world which funded by the USAID Office of Food for Peace (FFP) for 2010-2015. It operates in four major regions of Bangladesh – the North Char, the Mid Char, the Haor area, and the Coastal belt of Cox’s Bazaar. It starts on September 2014 and be finished on January 2015.

The overall goal of the program is to: “Transform the lives of 370,000 Poor and Extreme Poor (PEP) households (HH) in 11 of the poorest and marginalized districts in Bangladesh by reducing their vulnerability to food insecurity”.


SHOUHARDO II’s integrated and complex design aims to address not only the food insecurity issues, but also the underlying social issues that contribute to vulnerabilities like lack of participation, injustice, and discrimination that prevent poor and extremely poor households from realizing their full potential in leading healthy and productive lives.


Strategic Objectives are:


SO1: “Availability of” and “access to” nutritious foods enhanced and protected for 370,000 PEP households.

SO2: Improved health, hygiene and nutrition status of 281,000 children under 2 years of age.

SO3: PEP women and adolescent girls empowered in their families, communities and Union Parishad.

SO4: Local elected bodies and government service providers’ responsiveness and accountability to the PEP Increased.


Objectives of the End line survey:


These findings will be used to draw lessons learned for the selection, design, and implementation of future programs in Bangladesh and for future food assistance programming provided by CARE and USAID office of Food for Peace, Feed the Future, and the Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance (FANTA III) Project.


Tasks carried out by Mitra and Associates:


Methodology (sample design and tools): Care provided the sample list of beneficiaries for four regions e.g. coastal area (Cox’s Bazar), Haor area (Jamalpur, Mymensingh, Sunamgonj), Mid char (Sirajgonj, Pabna, Bogra) and North char (Kurigram, Rangpur, Nilphamari and Dinajpur). From the list 9000 HHs were drawn among these 4500 HHs from MCHN areas and another 4500 HHs from PM2A areas.


The sample is chosen in two stages, firstly 25 villages is selected with PPs method from each type of areas in each region. Thus the sample is 50 villages from each region (25 from MCHN & 25 from PM2A) and thereby 100 villages from each region.


HHs are selected at the second stage, randomly select 45 HHs from a sampled village to yield the sample of 9000 HHs & 2250 HHs from each regions, and 4500 HHs from each type of areas.


Development of questionnaires and others: English questionnaire which was used for the baseline and midterm surveys will be used with minimal modifications for the follow-up survey. In consultation with CARE, Mitra will incorporate the changes in Bangla questionnaires & translate which finalized by Tango In. Questionnaire will be pre-tested to check the translation, consistency and integrity.


Training: A 10-day comprehensive training program on data collection operation will be organized for the field personnel comprising interviewers, supervisors and quality control officers.


Data collection & quality control: Quality control checking will be undertaken both in presence and absence of the interviewing team. 5 percent of the selected households/respondents will re-interview in the sample clusters by randomly visit. Also will check 5 percent of the reported non-response cases to see if they were all due to valid reasons.


Data processing: Questionnaires from the field will be registered in the registration book. Data from the questionnaires will be double entered into computer, using data entry software CSPro 3-3. Data editing will include checking of range, structure and a selected set of checks for internal consistency. Clean data sets will be submitted in SPSS and CSV format.


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