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Pure Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiologic Study (PURE, 2007)


The main purpose of the study is to find out the differences in risk factors and disease in urban and rural populations and will be conducted in 15 countries. The survey will document and observe the health condition of people living in urban and rural areas through collection of health information and 2,000 human blood samples.


Mitra and Associates carried out:


  • the selection of study samples/participants;
  • carrying out household survey, and collection; 
  • preservation and transportation of blood samples by maintaining cold chain; and 
  • measuring ECG and Blood Pressure, and preparing report on the two items.


The project was approved by the Ethical Review Committee of Bangladesh Medical Research Council (BMRC) under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, vide their letter No: BMRC/ERC/2004-2007/471 dated on 14 June 2007.


The project was awarded by the Centre for Health, Population and Development (CHPD) at the Independent University of Bangladesh (IUB) and funded by McMaster University, Canada.


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