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Poultry Model Monitoring System Survey (PMMS, 2000-2002)

The poultry model project was the main component of the Participatory Livestock Development Project (PLDP), implemented in 89 upazilas of the north and north-western parts of Bangladesh under the Department of Livestock Services (DLS), Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, GoB. The project was aimed at reducing poverty and improving the status of women in rural areas by introducing a low-cost improved (semi-scavenging) method of HYV poultry production.


The PMMS survey was a two-year continuous survey operation to collect technical and financial data from the beneficiaries of the poultry model project. The data were collected on a quarterly basis for monitoring of the project from a representative sample comprising 9 categories of beneficiaries of the poultry production chain:


  1. poultry workers (280 respondents) , 
  2. feed sellers (280), 
  3. chick rearers (1,120), 
  4. key rearers growing exotic poultry (420), 
  5. key rearers of laying hens (420), 
  6. model breeders rearing exotic poultry (56), 
  7. model breeders of laying hens (280), 
  8. egg collectors (280), and (ix) mini hatcheries (168).


The survey was commissioned by the DLS and financed by the Darudec/DANIDA.



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