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NBPP (Nutritional Blindness Prevention Program) Baseline Survey in Thakurgaon and Panchagarh (1994)


The objectives of the survey were to obtain baseline measures of:


  • mid-upper arm circumference of children, 
  • prevalence of night blindness, (c) production and consumption of selected special foods, 
  • use of vitamin A capsules/drops, 
  • use of latrine, 
  • breastfeeding and weaning food practices of mothers, 
  • infant feeding, 
  • use of iron tablets, 
  • use of de-worming tablets, 
  • use of iodized salt, 
  • hand washing practices, 
  • uses of safe water, 
  • immunization coverage, 
  • awareness of oral re-hydration therapy for treatment of diarrheal diseases.


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