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NBPP Household Surveys for Worldview International Foundation (WIF, 1992)


Two surveys were carried out on the National Blindness Prevention Program (NBPP) of WIF in Bangladesh.  The first survey was conducted during Ramadan in 1992 and the second survey during Ramadan in 1993.  Data in the first survey were collected by conducting interviews only with households containing at least one child of the 1–6 years (12–71 months) age range in a truly probability samples of households. Information collected in the survey include, among others, (i) age, sex, and measles vaccination status of each child, (ii) foods grown and taken by family and by each of the children during the previous 24 hours, (iii) proportions of children being breastfed, (iv) prevalence of night blindness, (v) awareness and treatment of the disease, and (vi) recognition and coverage of Vitamin A capsule. 


Mitra and Associates was awarded the contract by Sida.


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