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Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys (MICSs, 1998)

The purpose of the surveys were to (a) monitor the performances of the programmes on child survival protection and development at the sub-national level (that is, at the district level) and (b) to ascertain the achievement of the national level goals of such programmes. Key information collected in the MICSs were about: prevalence and treatment of diarrhea, breastfeeding, immunization, malnutrition, enrolment in school, maternal and child health, acute respiratory infection (ARI), use of iodized salt, water and sanitary conditions. 


Mitra and Associates carried out by the following activities:


  • 0- Prepared field data collection and supervision plan
  • 0- Recruited field workers (e.g. enumerators, supervisors, quality control staff)
  • 0- Participated TOT training 
  • 0- Conducted training of enumerators in collaboration with BBS. 
  • 0- Carried out field data collection
  • 0- Conducted enumerators’ feedback meetings
  • 0- Edited and coded data
  • 0- Entered the data by double data entry, using data entry software programme recommended by BBS and UNICEF
  • 0- Submitted final data sets in soft and hard copies to BBS and UNICEF in specified formats.
  • 0- The survey contract was jointly awarded by the UNICEF and the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS).



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