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Jiggasa Follow-up Survey (1996)

The follow-up survey was undertaken to measure the changes in the baseline parameters. The baseline survey had been undertaken in the following three upazilas: Daulatkhan in Barisal District, Barura in Comilla, and Zakiganj in Sylhet. The specific objectives of the Jiggasa follow-up survey were to (i) ascertain the changes in contraceptive prevalence, knowledge of the use of contraceptives, and attitudes towards family planning practices and small family norm since the baseline survey was undertaken; (ii) ascertain changes in the communication network patterns among village women and examine improvement in levels at which discussion of family planning was incorporated into the communication network, and (iii) examine critically the project’s effects on family planning intention and practices at individual and network (sample cluster) levels.


The survey was undertaken under a contract awarded by the Johns Hopkins University/Population Communication Services (JHU/PCS).


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