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Integrated Human Development, Monitoring & Evaluation Project (2006-2010)


Mitra and Associates is currently implementing a five-year Integrated Human Development,  Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Project in collaboration with Oxford Policy for  designing, developing, testing and installing a computerized project management information system (PMIS) for the Republic of Maldives. The M&E strategy and plan will provide the basis for the design of the PMIS. The purpose of the PMIS is to provide the managers with the information required for effective decision-making and other stakeholders with information tailored to their interests in the project. An important feature of the PMIS will be the capability to trace the linkages from project expenditure and other inputs through to final results. 


The specific objectives of the project include


  • to improve social outcomes and promote economic growth by strengthening the delivery of social services (education, health and nutrition services) available to the population, 
  • to reduce poverty and promote regional equity by strengthening social service delivery and increasing economic opportunities in atolls remote from the Male region, and 
  • to promote ecologically sustainable development by concentrating services and populations on ecologically viable islands within these atolls.


The PMIS is based on a custom database which will be integrated with software currently used by the Project Management Coordination Unit (PMC). The PMIS will make use of a multi-tiered architecture with a strong emphasis on thin-clients enabling access by remote users over a high-speed internet link. The development environment is Microsoft framework .NET 2 using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft SQL Server 2005. The recommended languages are C#.Net and ASP.Net.


The specific tasks to be carried out include:


  • installing the database software on the server and installing any additional software required for the selected development environment, 
  • reviewing and finalizing the specifications provided by the lead PMIS consultant, and 
  • developing an integrated, computerized PMIS according to the specifications developed by the lead PMIS consultant. 


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