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HIV AIDS Prevention Program (HAPP) Baseline Survey, Bangladesh (2004)

The survey was conducted with the general objectives: (1) to assess knowledge, attitudes, and practices related to HIV/AIDS and other STls among the adult population in Bangladesh, and (2) to provide baseline measures for evaluating the HAPP program activities among the general population. A wide range of data was collected in the survey covering mass media channels, reproductive behaviors/sexual activities, knowledge and perception about HIV/AIDS, use of drug and alcohol, and exposure to health information. 


The survey was implemented by collecting data from a nationally representative sample of 3,942 respondents chosen from among women and men aged 15–59. The sample was drawn in terms of households by using a multistage sampling design. Two questionnaires were used in the survey to collect the data–a household questionnaire and an individual questionnaire. The fieldwork for data collection started on 22 December 2004, and it was completed by 18 January 2005.


The survey was commissioned by the JHU-CCP/BCCP and funded by the BCCP.


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