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Follow-up survey of Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiologic Study (PURE, 2012)

This was the first round of follow-up data collection and computerization services under the Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiologic Study (PURE). The main purpose of the baseline study was to find out the differences in risk factors and disease in urban and rural populations and conducted in 15 countries. The survey documented and observed the health condition of people living in urban and rural areas through collection of health information. It was funded by Hamilton Health Science Corporation, Canada through its Population Health Research Institute (HHSC) and implemented by Independent University. 


The project was implemented in two areas of Bangladesh: Urban-Dhaka city, Rural: Garpara Union, Manikganj Sadar.


Tasks carried out by Mitra: 


Methodology (sample design and tools): All 2937 individuals who participated in the baseline had interviewed face to face for the Follow Up unless they moved out from the surveillance area, in such case, follow up interviews was conducted over phone.


Questionnaire: Did translation and tested the questionnaires in field and finalized the questionnaires incorporating the feedbacks of the test results. There were three types of questionnaires 3 years follow-up (HH), Participant Questionnaires, Event forms, Verbal autopsy Form.  


Training: Two weeks training had conducted on field staffs on all types of questionnaires and event forms.


Data collection & Quality control: Data was collected for 4 months. And ensured the quality of data during collection by regular field visit.


Data processing: Office editors edited the questionnaires and MBBS doctors wrote down the event forms and then handed over filled up English questionnaires to the client. And cooperating in resolving queries if arise during data analysis and writing of the report.


Client reference: The project was awarded by the Independent University of Bangladesh (IUB) represented by Dr. M. Omar Rahman as Principal Investigator (PI), Vice Chancellor, IUB, Plot 16, Block B, Aftabuddin Ahmed Road, Bashundhara, Dhaka-1229, Tel: 8401645-52 Basundhara Residential Area, Dhaka, Bangladesh and email: <>.


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