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Essential Health Services Monitoring Survey (EHSM)-2021-2022 (First phase-2021 completed and second phase-2022 is progressing)

The Global Financing Facility for Women, Children and Adolescents (GFF) is supporting countries to monitor the continuity of essential health services. Identifying which services are disrupted, quantifying the level of disruption, and matching these estimates with knowledge of the local context will better inform the public health response. Synthesizing this knowledge across multiple countries may identify common challenges that, at the least, will support the design of preparedness investments for the next crisis. 

To aid the Ministry of Health of in generating more timely data on service disruptions due to COVID 19, the GFF supports monitoring activities, including a repeated health facility-based survey in a representative sample every three weeks in a month. The survey covered 300 Health Facilities in 4 rounds i.e. in total 1200 facilities and about 3000 respondents.


The major activities carried out are including preparation of sampling frame and selection of sample Upazila Health Complex (UHC), Union Health and Family Welfare Center (UH&FWC)/Union Sub-center (USC), and Community Clinics (CC) in the selected 20 districts; Contribution to design of survey instruments (review of the tools); Translation of the questionnaire from English to Bengali and back translation from Bangla into English; Recruitment of field personnel; Piloting of survey instruments and provide written feedback to World Bank DEC Group and the Global Financing Facility; Training of field personnel; Conducting repeat survey through phone in every three weeks to the sampled Health Facilities (4 round surveys), with one week break for inter-round questionnaire, resampling, and error corrections as needed; Quality control checking and monitoring of field work; Development of data entry software using  ODK (Kobo Toolbar); Data cleaning (range and consistency checks, correct labelling of questions) and submission of clean data sets along with code book, translation of ‘other responses’ to the World Bank.


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