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Designing of Time Series Seasonal Analysis Study for Flood Proofing Pilot Project (1997-1998)

The goal of the project was to reduce household vulnerability of flood-prone districts of Netrakona and Kurigram to flood hazards while its purpose was to enhance household-based coping mechanisms while reducing the economic impact of floods on individual livelihoods. The objective of the consultancy was: a) to design a methodology (which includes designs of sampling procedure, data collection tools, and software for data entry analysis), b) to collect data and provide a report: and c) to train CARE and partner agency staff on data collection, data entry, and orient on analysis.


The specific tasks carried out include providing review of project inception paper, logical framework, baseline study report, report on the project design workshop and other relevant documents, reconnaissance visit to the project area, designing survey methodology, determining indicators, developing survey tools, collection and processing of data, report writing, training to the CARE and partner agency staff.  


The survey was awarded by CARE-Bangladesh and funded by the USAID.



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