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Consanguinity and Marriage Market Behavior in a Project in Rural Bangladesh (2006)

The tracking survey was carried out based on the household listing done in the year 1995. The major challenges for conducting the fieldwork of the survey were finding out the right pre-selected households as well as the respondents (husband, wife and children), data processing and cleaning.


Major services provided by Mitra and Associates were:


  • translation of the questionnaires, 
  • piloting of the survey, 
  • development of the survey manual, (iv) the development of the sample frame and the selection of sample, 
  • recruitment and training of the field personnel, 
  • fieldwork, 
  • quality control and 
  • data processing and data cleaning.


The survey covered a pre-selected 600 households including 300 households for first cousin marriage and 300 households for non-first cousin marriage. A total of around 2400 successful interviews were carried out in the survey (600 first cousin + 600 non-first cousin + 600 children from first cousin household + 600 children from non-first cousin household) over a period of three months from September 2006 to November 2006.


The survey was sponsored and funded by the University of Colorado at Boulder, USA.


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