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Baseline Survey for the Chars Livelihood Program (CLP, 2005)

The Baseline Survey for the Chars Livelihoods (Household, Infrastructure and Enterprise) Program (CLP), a DFID/UK-funded program, is being implemented to reduce extreme poverty in the char areas of 5 northern districts of Bangladesh. The purpose of this program is to improve livelihood security of poor and vulnerable women, men, children, and adolescent girls living in the char areas of the 5 districts, namely Kurigram, Gaibandha, Bogra, Jamalpur, and Sirajganj, who cannot contribute to the labor market. The survey involved participation in sample designing and drawing, questionnaire developing, recruiting field personnel, imparting training, data collection through interviewing 3,850 households, 319/212 enterprise/infrastructure, editing, and data processing, analysis and tabulation.


Through a competitive bidding process, the survey contract was awarded by Maxwell Stamp Ltd/UK and funded by the DFID/UK.



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