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Baseline Survey for Strengthening Rural Broadcasting Project (2000)

The specific objectives of the baseline survey were to ascertain:


  • the availability of and access to  radio in rural areas of Bangladesh
  • the coverage of Bangladesh Betar in terms of its reach among target people and their habits and preferences in listening to it
  • the importance of farm broadcast programs as a source of messages/information on agriculture
  • the coverage of farm broadcast programs in terms of reaching messages /information to target people
  • the ability of target people to recall the messages/information they get from farm programs and if they consider the messages/information useful

Data for the survey were collected by interviewing respondents of a sample of 3,600 rural households. The sample was drawn from the six administrative divisions, taking equal number of households, 600, from each division. 

The survey was commissioned by the Directorate of Farm Broadcast, Bangladesh Betar, and financed by the DFID, Bangladesh.


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