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Baseline Survey and Mapping on Working Children, Dhaka Zone 8 (Ward 7 & 8) Mirpur, UNICEF and Dhaka City Corporation (2004)

The 2004 Baseline Survey and Mapping on Working Children-2004 was carried out to provide a profile of the population and working children aged 8–14 residing in Ward 7, Dhaka Zone 8, Mirpur and mapping the existing facilities and the households with working children in the area. The specific objectives were:


  • To know the distribution of working children by age, sex, occupation in the area
  • locate the institutions providing education, health, nutrition, protection and legal services 
  • develop baseline of the working children in City Palli
  • assess the specific work situations and level of education of the children
  • identify possibilities for convergence of services in City Palli using the available outlets and/or providing new inputs


An enlistment team enumerated 20,314 households in the area. Among them, 3,269 households were identified as having working children aged between 8 and 14. In this survey working children were defined as the children aged between 8 and 14 engaged in any economic or non-economic activities, excluding domestic chores at their homes. Among the 3,269 identified households with working children, 2,771 households were interviewed. The survey identified 3,500 working children in 2,771 households of the area.   


The survey was commissioned and funded by UNICEF, Dhaka.



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