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Baseline Survey and Mapping for City Palli Slum Project (2003-2004)


The baseline survey and mapping was conducted in the City Palli Slum of Ward 85, Dhaka City Corporation. For mapping, a hand-sketched methodology was used to identify households, roads, boundaries of the slums, landmarks etc. For identifying the slums and facilities (educational, health and others) GPS reading was collected and incorporated in the map. The objectives of the study were:


to locate work or habitation clusters of the working children in City Palli


  • know the distribution of working children by age, sex, occupation in the area
  • locate the institutions providing education, health, nutrition, protection and legal services
  • develop baseline of the working children in the City Palli
  • assess the specific work situations and level of education of the working children
  • identify status of access to basic education, and determine the needs for setting up NFE learning centers, access to protection, health, nutrition, legal services and information of their families
  • collect a few information on under-5 children only where working children are available
  • identify possibilities for convergence of services in City Palli using the available outlets and/or providing new inputs.


Three teams of investigators, each consisting of five investigators led by a supervisor, were engaged for household listing and mapping of slums, collection of GPS reading of the facilities, and 3,600 household interviews. They identified and located sample slums, ascertained their geographical boundaries, and prepared a sketch map of each slump, distinctly marking its geographical boundaries, demonstrating important landmarks, and showing the listed households. Besides, two quality control officers were also engaged to ensure the quality of data collection. Each team on an average listed/mapped and interviewed 1,200 households in one month to cover a sample of about 3,600 households drawn from the 14th outfall of Dhaka City Corporation (Ward 85).


The survey was commissioned and funded by UNICEF/Dhaka.


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