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Bangladesh Social Sector Performance Surveys (SSPS, 2004) [a package of 3 surveys: one health sector survey, one secondary education survey and one primary education survey].

This project was a public expenditure tracking survey carried out for providing information to the policy maker for formulation and evaluation of service delivery in the health and family welfare, and secondary and primary education sector. Under the framework of the FMRP (Financial Management Reform Project), the project was designed to support the Ministry of Finance, Govt. of Bangladesh. These surveys were extraordinarily large, extraordinarily complex, and first-of-their-kind. 


The major tasks were carried out including:


    • selection of the survey areas; 
    • translation of questionnaires into Bangla; 
    • recruitment and placement of field staff; 
    • pre-testing; training of the field personnel; 
    • development of manual; 
    • listing of selected Upzilla and Union level health and family planning facilities; 
    • data collection; data processing; 
    • submission of clean final dataset and, 
  • translation of open-ended responses/notes and printing of the final reports.


Personnel Involved: About 285 field personnel collected data for 4 months, a 30-strong data-processing staff completed the processing of 350MB data in 4 months, and a 9-member expert team implemented the survey.


Sample Size: This was a nationally representative survey. The Primary Education sector survey interviewed about 1,200 staffs and teachers in about 500 offices/schools/madrassahs, 1,600 student households and administering tests to 16,000 students using 15 separate questionnaires totalling 320 pages; the Secondary Education sector survey involved interview of over 1,600 staff and teachers in more than 350 offices/schools/madrassahs, 2,200 student households, and administering tests to 32,000 students using 13 separate questionnaires totaling 300 pages; and the Health Sector survey involved interview of over 1,400 staff in 250 facilities/enterprise, 600 households, 500 communities, using 23 separate questionnaires totaling 450 pages.


The project was funded by the DFID/UK and awarded and participated by the Oxford Policy Management (OPM)/UK.


Contract No. 1559/SS3549, Duration: March 2004 to June 2006 and Contract value: US $ 527,408.


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