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Bangladesh Environment and Migration Survey – 2 (BEMS-2) – 2018

Narrative Description of Project: The objective of the BEMS-2 was to understand patterns and processes of contemporary Bangladesh internal and international out-migration. The project derives from a multi-disciplinary research effort that will generate data on the characteristics and behavior of Bangladeshi migrants and the communities in which they live, and examine how environmental stressors (e.g., salinity, riverbank erosion) affect patterns of migration in the region. 


In the BEMS-2, it was planned to implement a slightly revised BEMS survey instrument to households. A sample of 20 communities are selected to study, and then survey 4000 (200 households from each community) households within those communities. The 20 research sites are located in Barisal, Khulna, and Dhaka (southwest of the Padma River) Divisions. For community survey three community leaders are interviewed in each location.


The BEMS-2 is administered to self-identified household heads and spouses in randomly selected households. After gathering social, demographic, and economic information on households and their members, interviewers  collect basic information on each person’s first and last internal and international migrant trip. From household heads and spouses, they compile migration histories and administer a detailed series of questions about the last trip, focusing on economic livelihoods, methods of moving, connections to other migrants, and use of health and school services. In addition to detailed migration histories, the BEMS collects information about household wealth, the physical conditions of households and communities, and perceptions of environmental conditions. It also collect some self-reported health information about household members, such as recent illnesses, use of health services, height and weight, and diet.  Anthropometric measures of height and weight is also collected.  


Responsibilities for Mitra and Associates:


The scope of work for Mitra include the following:  


  • develop a sampling frame by enumerating all households in each study site prior to pretest and primary data collection, and generate a random sample of households;
  • translate and format the survey instruments and related materials; 
  • update training manual for BEMS-2 interviewers;
  • hire and train field supervisors who oversee data collection and implement data quality checks in the field; 
  • hire and train interviewers;
  • implement primary data collection; 
  • enter the data into electronic form in a timely manner to permit back-checks; 
  • GIS latitude/longitude locations of households;
  • deliver a clean data set no later than three months after data collection begins.


The survey was awarded by the Regents of the University of Colorado, a body corporate, contracting on behalf of the University of Colorado Boulder. 


Duration: November 01, 2018-June 30, 2019.


Contact reference: Amanda R. Carrico, Assistant Professor, Associate Director, Graduate Studies Environmental Studies Program, University of Colorado, Boulder, 1750 Sweetwater Ave. Alliance, NE 69301, Email:, Mobile:  001 615 364 7981, Phone: 001 303 492 9163.


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